Work From Home Essentials You Must Have

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But if you’re feeling eager today, read away.

The struggle is over!

So you finally landed a full-time work from home job. Hooray! You did it! Finally, you can say goodbye to morning hustles, missing your breakfast, stuck in traffic with a grumbling tummy, and having to explain to your boss why you are late (again). You will now be living the dream of basically every breadwinner who long to escape the daily gruesome routine of reporting to the office.

Say goodbye to office stress… and perks?

Maybe this is your first remote work experience. Maybe not. Whatever the case is, one thing is for sure: you must set up your space in a way that is most conducive to maximum productivity, focus, and harmonious work. You now have lost access to unlimited hot coffee, cold and hot water dispenser, cozy wheelchair (I mean computer chair lol), a posh cubicle, and maybe even free snacks and free food.

On the brighter side, you’re the boss now! (almost)

You now have full control on how your workspace will be, and it’s all your rules now! Pancit canton and sliced bread while coding? Hell yeah! Say goodbye to “no eating allowed in workstation” warnings.

Lie on your stomach while writing that content? Why not! Sitting all the time is bad for your back, anyway.

You have finally become your own boss!… Well, almost.

And now the exciting part: setting up your work space

I myself have been recently granted a hybrid work setup. Not quite as good as full time remote setup, but the closest thing I can get so far. And having experienced working from home twice already — first during the pandemic, and second when I was pregnant with Franco — I have proven that the little things are what really make the entire experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

So what are these work from home essentials, you ask?

Well, today is your good find, because I’m sharing below my personal list of must-have Work From Home Essentials that will gear up your “work from home” career towards success.

Essential #7: Curtains or Blinds

Natural light is still the best light for work. But if you’re living in a place where there is little to no shade, like trees or nearby taller buildings (plus a window that’s facing south), you will be subject to a natural light that’s more extreme than what you need.

And if your work schedule is graveyard, you are even more at the mercy of daylight that will interfere with you resting hours.

Putting heavy curtains on your windows is the easiest solution. But in my case, I prefer rolling blinds because they are easier to maintain (no need for laundry), and easy to adjust, too.

This Window Roller Blinds is a good pick, as it is large enough to cover a standard window size. Plus, the color is so natural, it adds a closer-to-nature aesthetic to your place.

window roller blinds
Window Roller Blinds. Click HERE to get yours now.
Imagine this is your work space. Heaven!

Essential #6: Comfy blanket

Flannel Blanket

Essential #5: Humidifiers and air fresheners

Sphere humidifier

Cylinder humidifier

Leaf-shaped air purifier

Aroma Fragrance Mist

Air Conditioner Cleaning Spray

Essential #4: Tea, coffee, and the rest of the squad

Black coffee

29 in 1 Mocha Latte for Health-conscious

Electric Tea Kettle with Tea Infuser

Thermal Coffee Mug

Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Essential #3: Power outlets extension

Heavy-duty Power outlets extension

Essential #2: Wireless keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

Essential #1 : Foldable computer table

Foldable computer table

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