Take Care My Bus

Remember that bus with golden yellow balloons and Sukkie’s face on it? The one that Japanese fans dedicated for his 20th debut anniversary? This one:
 Image credits: Daily KPOP News
Well, that’s not the only one of its kind, you know. I recently found more buses expressing their love for the one and only World Prince ^_^. This one is from Lotte Duty Free, proudly carrying its adorable endorser’s “thumbs up”:
Reposted from: jangkeunsukforever

This one is for Jang Geun Suk’s drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, where he looks innocently cute:
Image credits: Recap-Korean Drama

And the next one is by Codes Combine for their spring season advertisement in 2012. Sukkie even scribbled his autograph on it ^_^.
Image credits: geunshinaddict

Take care, all you sweet buses, as sweet as the smile of Prince that wraps you around. ^_^

Take Care My Bus
by Jang Geun Suk
English Translation

Like crazy Just Run Run Run Running
Take Care of My Bus Go Go To the Stage
My Heart is Beat Beat Beat Beating Boom Boom to your heart
Hurricane sound is audible
Jump Jump Jump Height Blue sky
Quick Quick Quick far Start You and I are riding

Telepathy for guys, the day cloudy
Joey Day Dream I’m crazy now
Sweet Jasmine fragrance Stress and repetitive
I want to be free
Dream Paradise OH

My friend I’m going to place
Don’t think Just run
OH My dream by the sea
Like crazy
Just Run Run Run Running
Take Care of My Bus Go Go
To the Stage My Heart is Beat Beat Beat
Beating Boom Boom to your heart
Hurricane sound is audible
Jump Jump Jump Height Blue sky
Quick Quick Quick far Start You and I are riding

Never to fall down

Television always bemused awful acting
Noise I’m tired now wake me
Another bitter tongue and rocking
Strain I want to be free Blue Sky OH dream ‘m Going in there,
My friend Fly to the sky like a bird
Take Your Wings

Like crazy
Just Run Run Run Running
Take Care of My Bus Go Go
To the Stage My Heart is Beat Beat Beat Beating
Boom Boom to your heart
Hurricane sound is audible
Jump Jump Jump Height Blue sky
Quick Quick Quick far ‘ll
Just Run Run Run Runaway
Never to fall down

Take Care of My Bus

Never to fall down

Take Care of My Bus

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