Jang Geun Suk Releases “Feel The Beat” Music Video

Jang Geun Suk shared a link on February 19 to one of his newest music video with Big Brother – a mixture of Korean and Chinese version of the song “Feel The Beat”.

The video was well embraced by Chinese fans and has been receiving positive responses since its online release on February 20, and even more support on its offline release on February 27.

So, can you “feel the beat” of Prince JKS as well? Comments are welcome. Thanks for dropping by ^_^

Pre-Filming Video – So Charming!

He’s getting even more “beautiful” everyday.
Never loses any ounce of cuteness.
Aja, My World Prince! Keep winning.
You still have the most charming smile in the universe. ^_^

That comment was mine. The others say:


World Prince!! I Love Uuuu so much. Quiero verte de cerca.. Saluditos desde Venezuela.Translation: How I want to see you up close. A salute from Venezuela.

awww, love the cute face he made at the end.. ;D

kawayyyyy su carita al final fue lo mejor, me recordo los gestos que mis sobrinos hacen cuando toman su jarabe jajajajaj tan lindo este hombre cada vez se gana mas mi corazón.

Traslation: kawayyyyy his face at the end was the best, gestures reminded me that my nephews do when they take their syrup hahaha so cute this man wins more my heart even more.

Well, I couldn’t blame them from making such fuss about a pre-filming, less than one minute video. It’s really captivating – just as what to expect from a reigning World Prince. Are you getting more curious? Watch it, then, and share on the comment box below on how you have found his face in the end. Here you go:

Video credits to no other than PrinceJKS himself ^_^
Conversation on the video:
What is Team H? 8
からだが前みたいじゃないTEAM H
translation : What is Team H? 8
Up to a couple of years ago
I felt rejuvenated soon after drinking such a bottle of nutritional drink.
But now, even if drinking 1.5 liter,
I don’t feel so.
TEAM H body is no more the same as before…
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

More screenshots from the video:

And finally, “face-like-taking-a-bitter-syrup” cute face. So cute ^_^

Melody Made Together – Discovering Heavenly Songs with Prince Jang

Since I discovered Prince Jang Geun Suk, I’ve been discovering a lot of beautiful songs – of beautiful melodies made by real geniuses of the music industry. One by one, I discover them either by choice (because he sings those songs himself or because those songs belong to the official soundtrack of his movies and dramas), or by chance (because those songs and music were used by his eels in tastefully created fan-made videos as tribute to him).
Image credits: sumandu
Prince JKS’ songs are among the very few songs of which I can label as “pure, honest songs”. Their lines touch the hearts and souls of those who can hear them, and get hooked in the process, wanting to hear them over and over again. His unique taste for music is very eminent in his movies and dramas, “You’re Beautiful” (미남이시네요) being on top of the list. The drama’s soundtrack has captured millions of hearts worldwide, and even until now, years after the drama has closed, the songs remain at the favorites lists of the eels Jang Geun Suk has won, and the lists just kept on getting longer and longer as The Prince continued to make more melodies.

Image credits: crunchyroll

Being a self-proclaimed most loyal Eel, I have a great collection myself, the complete official sound tracks of 미남이시네요 included in the list, and his song “Rain” being on top lately (this is the only song I listen to throughout my entire 8-hour at work, 5 days a week). There is something in the song that calms my mind and wraps me up in a comforting shell even when I’m in the midst of pressure.

But there is this one song that I kept on hearing from his fan-made videos, though only some parts of the song. The tune alone would make me smile although I couldn’t understand the lyrics (I’m listening to it right now, despite the broken headset this internet cafe has to offer). It was not until now that I had the chance to look for the complete version of the song, and has confirmed that my response to the song’s tune was actually right. “Melody Made Together” was written in heartfelt, honest lines – a beautiful poetry of pure love.
Video credits: madhawi18

Here’s a complete english lyrics of the song:
Video credits: ashleysheaffer

Do you like this song, too? Feel free to leave your comments below.

“What is Your Name” Full Music Video

Repost from allkpop.com

Team H reveals the Full Music Video for their song “What Is Your Name?” in Japanese version

After the successful release of their very first album ‘Lounge H – The First Impression’ last year, Team H is now preparing for another album release – their second one called “I Just Wanna Have Fun”. But even before the almbum is released, Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother were generous enough to unleash ahead of the date the full music video of the Japanese version of “What is Your Name”, one of the songs included in the album.

Their second album is scheduled to be released online on February 20 this year and offline on February 27th. This is a most awaited event to all the eels worldwide.

 Video credits:  ponycanyon

How do you like the video? Comments are welcome below.

Message from Prince JKS and Big Brother

The official release of the album “I Just Wanna Have Fun” is fast approaching and eager eels are looking forward to it.

Here’s a short message (and a little taste of their music) from Big Brother and Prince Jang Geun Suk:

Original post:

チケット情報 http://l-tike.com/concert/teamh/
チャン・グンソクと友人のサウンドプロデューサーBIG BROTHERによって結成された、注目のダンスミュージックユニット・TEAM H。 

2/20[水]には、待望の2ndアルバム『I just wanna have fun』をリリース。

English translation:

Ticket information: http://l-tike.com/concert/teamh/

Sound was formed by producer and friend BIG BROTHER & Jang Keun Suk, dance music unit  – TEAM H. 

February 20 is the release of the long-awaited 2nd album  “I just wanna have fun”. 

I received a message from Japanese fans that at a very first Japan tour, eight performances will be held at four locations across the country, starting with 2 days performances at Hiroshima on February 23 to 24!

Team H Album Teaser

Prince Jang Geun Suk Tree J Company, and チャングンソクJapan Fanclub shared the teaser of Team H newest album through twitter earlier today. Here it is:

チャングンソクJapan Fanclub also shared a photo of The Prince on Hiroshima.
Original tweet: 全てのスケジュールをこなし、先程出国されました。沢山の声援ありがとうございました。次は広島でお会いしましょう。

English translation: About to leave after the schedule was over. Thank you for a lot of encouragement. See you at the next Hiroshima.

Credits: @jksjapan 

What Means the World to Me

Here’s a very nice song I recently discovered:
The other day when someone asked me
“Are you living your dream?”
 I didn’t know what to say.
I honestly had to think…

It’s a beautiful song, and I have found it fitting to be dedicated to the world prince. Read and listen to the rest of the lyrics and song through this fan-made video featuring Jang Geun Suk: