Tech-Filled Dusk

I woke up around seven in the evening. I just recovered from a mild cough and fever which struck me early this morning before I went to “my sleep” (I’m nocturnal, by the way). After taking a bath, I packed what I needed and went out.

I stopped at the ATM Machine near the exit gate of our university to get my allowance for the week. After that, I went inside the school premises, stopped at the Data Center’s Kiosk Machine to check on my grades. Only one grade has been added since last week, which makes a total of four uploaded grades out of ten. Then I headed on to NR2, my favorite room when it comes to internet surfing, and checked if it was unoccupied. But before I entered the room, I went to the coffee machine first at the entrance of University Library buliding. I dropped two five-peso coins, and in less than ten seconds, I was heading back to NR2, sipping my coffee. As soon as I’ve set up my place – the teacher’s table at the center – I began my way to the Wireless Fidelity connection and started my internet session.

Just then I realized: Technology sure dominates every part of my life one after the other. Not only mine, but a lot of people out there, as well. Just imagine what could my early evening has been without these technologies…


Without the ATM Machine, I won’t be able to get my allowance, because banks and remittance centers close at five in the afternoon, or earliear than that – of which times, my soul is still roaming the land of dreams. Without the Kiosk, I will have to wait until Monday, and beg the University registrar to give me a dummy of my grades. Without the coffee machine, I will have to boil water and make my coffee, and drink it before I can leave the house, which would chew up valuable minutes from my internet session. And without the WiFi and my laptop, I’d be in the internet cafe right now, squeezing all I can get from my limited hours session, which would also chew up a part of my limited allowance.

I’m just glad I was born in the information age.