Meet the Cutest Crab on Earth – Sukkie-ssi

Another cute selca posted by Jang Geun Suk via twitter was being feasted by eels last March 8.

Image credits:

In the photograph, Sukkie wore a bright red hat, with crab’s pincers that served like bent horns, and more crab’s appendages on the sides that formed like large ears.

And immediately, a chibi version was made by the fans:

 Image credits as mentioned, from worldprincejangkeunsuk

My, oh my! If crabs are as cute as this, I’d go all out vegetarian. ^_^

Do you find Sukkie a cute crab, too? Drop your comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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JKS in Green Towel – The Chibi and Real Version!

Despite the negative feedbacks of so-called “JKS Haters” splattering their “not-so-good” reviews about The Prince’s new image as a wild, rocking singer, still, JKS Eels (now also Team H Fans) could not be stopped from expressing their ultimate patronage and support. I have found this cute chibi version of Sukkie shyly wrapped in a green Team H towel on Twitter.
Image credits: @KS_Jang

Later, I have also found out the “mastermind” for this cute idea of a chibi design when I checked out a video shared by チャングンソクJapan Fanclub. It was originally from YouTube, then lnked on Team H Official Ameba Blog, and then shared by the Japanese Eels through Twitter.

Video credits: PrinceJKS himself ^_^

Conversation on the video:


Translation :
JGS: We tried our best to have fun with everybody at the venue. I think we did it well with fans.
Camera: Good performance, indeed.
JGS: Thanks for today. I’m too tired that there is no power left to drink.
BB: Cheers for good work.
JGS: Wait a second. Lastly, let’s hug each other once in an ultra cool way. Cheers for good work!!
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

There’s been a growing variety of nicknames now for the Team, courtesy of the eager Eels. I’ve seen one from a comments board of certain page lately who called them “TEAM Hot”, as she profusely defended the new album from crab-minded criticizers. At the end of this video, however, it said “TEAM Heart”, as Prince Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother hugged each other (both wrapped in their respective mint green Team H towels).

The album release is approaching so much faster now, as well as the scheduled concerts. Are you as excited as the rest of us? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for dropping by CRI ^_^

Photos of Jang Geun Suk New Music Video Filming

Translation of the original Indonesian post:

Photos of Jang Geun-suk has recently circulated on the internet. The photo was seen in SNS on February 1 and then uploaded again to Weibo. The photo was taken when he was believed filming his latest music video.

Prince of Asia has always worked with professionalism wherever and whenever he goes, ” the photo citation said.

First, it shows he was standing in a boxing ring while hugging a beautiful girl. In another photo, Geun-suk was seen posing and acting in front of the camera.

For Jang Fans on Weibo, I’m back,” he wrote. Let’s celebrate the return of Team H today. I’ve been here a long time and you still do not believe I’m back. I will upload more photos for you to continue trusting me again.”

He’s definitely in a music video shoot,” said Netter. “I’m jealous of girls who were hugged by Geunsuk,” commented Netter.

Meanwhile, Geun-suk will release his new album with DJ Big Brother in a project group named Team H in Japan, Taiwan and China.

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Japan Fanclub shares a photo

Japan Fanclub says:
The Prince gets access to Nico Nico ただいま.

Photo description:

English Translation:
It is the official website Twitter by Jang Keun Suk Japan. I think I want to tweet information and information visit to Japan, such as event report, about Jang Keun Suk. It is not a Contact Us, please understand.

Credits:  Japan Fanclub

The Leopard Prince Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk loves leopard stuff. Leopard shirts, leopard neckties, leopard slippers and shorts, leopard-framed sunglasses, leopard scarfs, even leopard rabbit headbands.

His affection for this pretty, casual-elegant print pattern shows a lot not only in his personal, everyday fashion sense, but also in his projects like movies, music videos and dramas. It has become well-known to the whole kingdom of eels that Sukkie had to come up with cool leopard stuff for the eels to purchase and cherish as a token from him, like these:

Image from

  Image from Eels Cri_J

And if you’re an avid (and very loyal) eel like me, you would be able to notice in most of his movies and dramas that not only him wears the feline dotted prints, but the rest of the random casts also do, as if to imply their all out support for Jang Geun Suk, whom they look up to not only as a great actor, but a sweet and caring friend, too, on and off the lens.
And again, if you’re an avid (and very loyal) eel like me, you would take pains to collect all those photos and screen shots of him and his co-casts wearing leopard prints. But fortunately, you don’t have to undergo that ordeal, because I’ve already collected them all for you, and have poured those treasures here for you to grab. Enjoy!

The first one is my favorite, of course! This is the official album cover of Jang Geun Suk’s latest solo album “Just Crazy”. Can you see the leopard accesory? It
s on his wrist – and studded with diamonds, too. Definitely, that flashy thing has contributed to the comment on this picture by many eels that “Prince JKS is much prettier than a girl”, which makes me love him more.

Want more? Check out this page. =)

Tokyo Dinner with the Prince – Second Day

Original description: 배우 장근석 20주년 도쿄 디너쇼> 두번째날이자 마지막 디너쇼 곧 시작합니다. 오늘도 장어분들과 꿈같은 시간 만들겠습니다^^

English translation: Actor Jang’s 20th Anniversary Tokyo DinnerThe Second Day. Last dinner show starting soon. With the same time as today, eels, we will create a dream.^ ^

Original description: 배우 장근석 20주년 도쿄 디너쇼> 마지막날 디너쇼 잘 끝났습니다. 행복하고 즐거운 시간이였습니다. 프린스의 20주년을 함께한 모든 장어분들께 감사드립니다^^ 더 좋은 모습으로 또 만나요!

English translation: Tokyo Dinner last day of the 20th Anniversary of actor Jang. Dinner well done. It was a happy and enjoyable time. ^ ^ It was a sight to behold altogether, the 20th anniversary of the Prince.Thanks to all ells. Cheerio!

Credits: @treeJ_company

Tokyo Dinner with the Prince

Tree J Company’s Twitter shared some photos of The Prince January 23, 2013.

Original description: 배우 장근석 20주년 도쿄 디너쇼> 첫번째날 디너쇼 시작합니다. 즐겁고 행복한 시간 함께해주시기 바랍니다^^

Translation: Actor Jang 20th anniversary – first day of Tokyo Dinner. Pleasant and happy time together.

Original description: 배우 장근석 20주년 도쿄 디너쇼> 첫째날 잘 끝났습니다. 행복하고 즐거운 시간이였습니다. 함께해준 장어분들께 감사드립니다^^ 내일 또 만나요!

Translation: 20th anniversary of actor Jang – Tokyo Dinner. The first day is over. It was a happy and enjoyable time. Thanks to all the Eels^ ^ I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Credits: @treeJ_company