Brunch at Orange Brutus

It is my self resolution that by the time I finish my OJT and leave Cebu City, I have already dined in most of its restaurants, if not all. So on a Friday morning of February 22, fresh from my 2nd to the last graveyard duty for the week, I changed into comfy summer outfit, rushed to an ATM for my allowance, and decided to check out Orange Brutus.

Outside, the tiny restaurant looked nothing more special than its neighbors McDonald’s, Chow King, and Pizza Hut. In fact, I would say that it’s the least inviting for hungry tummies, because the sound of its name was more like dessert to me than main course. Nevertheless, I gathered my resolve and went in. The door was opened by a slightly chicken-eyed security guard, smiling enthusiastically as he greeted me “Good morning, ma’am!” That livened up my spirit and has tremenduoulsy lowered down the turn off effect the wet floor near the door could have made.

As I ordered, I noticed a transparent shelf displaying round cakes, mostly chocolate, right next to the counter. That was rather unusual, I thought, still having the perception that I’m inside a fast food chain like Jollibee. I received a manually written official receipt of my order, which is another unusual thing as I am used to receiving computerized ones. The cashier had no computer in front of her.

I settled down on a round table near the glass wall, as I always prefer natural light when eating.


After waiting for about ten minutes with my order still not coming, I regretted not bringing one of my books. For me, it’s such a waste of time sitting down for that long without doing anything except watching through the glass wall some people passing by outside. So I asked the guard to look after my order when i t arrives, and went outside to buy some newspapers. After paying the vendor Php25.00 for an issue of The Philippine Star, I went back inside Orange Brutus, and amused myself by reading the front page, as my order still hasn’t come.


After reading about UNA junking away 3 common bets for the upcoming senatorial elections, a uniformed waitress finally approached my table, settling my order in front of me, and informing me that my mashed potato order for take out will just come later. I thanked her and started on munching on vegetable strips from the side of my dish.

I ordered boneless bangus (milkfish) in mushroom gravy served in a sizzling black metal plate rested in a flat, oval, wooden holder, an extra rice which was served heart-shape, and a large glass of Sprite for drinks. It’s almost like a fast food type of meal, except that it was not fast.



I ate my meal rather heartily yet slowly, as I alternated my spoonfuls with the newspaper reading. The bangus was wonderful. It’s one hundred percent boneless, and the mushroom gravy with a pint of butter flavor complemented the slightly salty taste of the fried fish. It was one simple meal I appreciated along with the cozy ambiance of the restaurant and its friendly staff. I really wouldn’t mind visiting the place again soon.

Orange Brutus is located at Ma. Cristina Bldg. Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City. They also have branches at Capitol Site, Ayala, Gen. Maxilom Ave, Robinsons, Cebu Doctors, P Del Rosario, Elizabeth Mall, and Sm City.

(My apologies to the poor quality images because it was only taken using my Nokia L3000. I am so looking forward and hoping to having my very own digital camera soon.)