Prince Jang for Lotte Duty Free Endorsement

Lotte Duty Free has several celebrity endorsers. But needless to say, Prince Sukkie seems to be its all-time favorite! Here’s the latest pics courtesy of Lotte Duty Free. Grab ’em if they drive you crazy for more about the World Prince. Or better yet, go shop for the endorsed goodies!

Happy Love Month! From World Prince Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk is the main attraction of Lotte Duty Free’s 2013 February Calendar!

Imagine this: seeing Sukkie’s sweet smile and calm face everytime you check your calendar for schedule reminders and holiday checks and full moon dates. Wouldn’t that make your whole year a darling one?

I especially adore the leaf below, not only because the day of hearts is on February, but above all, because February is my birth month! Oh, how I’d love to have an original copy of this calendar with the sweet Prince on it:
Different sizes of the wallpapers can be downloaded from:

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