Meet the Cutest Crab on Earth – Sukkie-ssi

Another cute selca posted by Jang Geun Suk via twitter was being feasted by eels last March 8.

Image credits:

In the photograph, Sukkie wore a bright red hat, with crab’s pincers that served like bent horns, and more crab’s appendages on the sides that formed like large ears.

And immediately, a chibi version was made by the fans:

 Image credits as mentioned, from worldprincejangkeunsuk

My, oh my! If crabs are as cute as this, I’d go all out vegetarian. ^_^

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A repost from: Yahoo! OMG! Philippines

Pre-Filming Video – So Charming!

He’s getting even more “beautiful” everyday.
Never loses any ounce of cuteness.
Aja, My World Prince! Keep winning.
You still have the most charming smile in the universe. ^_^

That comment was mine. The others say:


World Prince!! I Love Uuuu so much. Quiero verte de cerca.. Saluditos desde Venezuela.Translation: How I want to see you up close. A salute from Venezuela.

awww, love the cute face he made at the end.. ;D

kawayyyyy su carita al final fue lo mejor, me recordo los gestos que mis sobrinos hacen cuando toman su jarabe jajajajaj tan lindo este hombre cada vez se gana mas mi corazón.

Traslation: kawayyyyy his face at the end was the best, gestures reminded me that my nephews do when they take their syrup hahaha so cute this man wins more my heart even more.

Well, I couldn’t blame them from making such fuss about a pre-filming, less than one minute video. It’s really captivating – just as what to expect from a reigning World Prince. Are you getting more curious? Watch it, then, and share on the comment box below on how you have found his face in the end. Here you go:

Video credits to no other than PrinceJKS himself ^_^
Conversation on the video:
What is Team H? 8
からだが前みたいじゃないTEAM H
translation : What is Team H? 8
Up to a couple of years ago
I felt rejuvenated soon after drinking such a bottle of nutritional drink.
But now, even if drinking 1.5 liter,
I don’t feel so.
TEAM H body is no more the same as before…
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

More screenshots from the video:

And finally, “face-like-taking-a-bitter-syrup” cute face. So cute ^_^

JKS in Green Towel – The Chibi and Real Version!

Despite the negative feedbacks of so-called “JKS Haters” splattering their “not-so-good” reviews about The Prince’s new image as a wild, rocking singer, still, JKS Eels (now also Team H Fans) could not be stopped from expressing their ultimate patronage and support. I have found this cute chibi version of Sukkie shyly wrapped in a green Team H towel on Twitter.
Image credits: @KS_Jang

Later, I have also found out the “mastermind” for this cute idea of a chibi design when I checked out a video shared by チャングンソクJapan Fanclub. It was originally from YouTube, then lnked on Team H Official Ameba Blog, and then shared by the Japanese Eels through Twitter.

Video credits: PrinceJKS himself ^_^

Conversation on the video:


Translation :
JGS: We tried our best to have fun with everybody at the venue. I think we did it well with fans.
Camera: Good performance, indeed.
JGS: Thanks for today. I’m too tired that there is no power left to drink.
BB: Cheers for good work.
JGS: Wait a second. Lastly, let’s hug each other once in an ultra cool way. Cheers for good work!!
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

There’s been a growing variety of nicknames now for the Team, courtesy of the eager Eels. I’ve seen one from a comments board of certain page lately who called them “TEAM Hot”, as she profusely defended the new album from crab-minded criticizers. At the end of this video, however, it said “TEAM Heart”, as Prince Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother hugged each other (both wrapped in their respective mint green Team H towels).

The album release is approaching so much faster now, as well as the scheduled concerts. Are you as excited as the rest of us? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for dropping by CRI ^_^