Where to Get Team H Album in the Philippines

A new friend or mine who is also a loyal eel asked a favor from me through facebook. She wanted to know where to buy the latest Team H album in the Philippines, so I researched a little to grant her wish. Here’s what I found out so far:
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Warner Music has announced an album release on February 27 this year, and there will be an album launch at Astrovision, Glorietta on March 02 at five in the afternoon. Exciting prizes and Jang Geun Suk collectibles are waiting for those who attend and join the games and raffles during the program.

Surely enough, you can buy the album at the venue. Selling starts at ten o’clock in the morning. Make sure to keep your receipts to claim freebies and raffle stubs. The album prices are as follows:

Set A: Php1,500.00

Set B: Php1,800.00

The album launch is sponsored by Warner Music Philippines.

See more details and get connected with other eels who are going to the album launch! Just visit the event page created by JANG GEUN SUK PH.
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If I’d be able to find more updates, I’d post them here in a jiffy.
Do you know any info on where to purchase Team H album, or any album of Prince Sukkie in the Philippines? You are more than welcome to share it on the comment box below. Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

Team H Album to be released in the Philippines

This latest update from Astroplus will sure to delight all Philippine Eels ou there!
JANG KEUN SUK+Big Brother –>I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN<— latest album is to be released in —- where else? The Philippines! Make sure to get your copy, and get to enjoy pure entertainment music from our one and only charming World Prince and his music partner Big Brother!
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Jan Keun Suk I Just Wanna Have Fun CD (IMPORTED)
Release Date: February 27, 2013
Price: PHP1,800

a. Special Deluxe Cardboard Slipcase (Double Cover)
b. Cardboard File Holder Package (4 Panels, Double Cover)
c. Giant Photo-booklet w/ Korean lyrics (24 pgs)
d. CD: 12 tracks

2. FEEL THE BEAT (Mandarin ver.)
9. THE TIME (Ori. Mix ver.)
10. CAN’T STOP (Remix ver.)
11. GOTTA GETCHA (Remix ver.)
12. FEEL THE BEAT (Korean ver.)
e. Paper Insert w/ Chinese Translations of Lyrics
f. Outer Panel w/ Chinese translations

Image credits: koreaboo

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk with his best friend and music partner Big Brother, now known as [TEAM H], is the most noticed KPOP Duo group in Asia. Their first album, The Lounge H Vol.1 was well embraced in all Asia. It has “created an exceptional result exceeding platinum record”, and was awarded the “Best Annual Selling-Album Award” together with “Best Korean Album Award” in the 2012 IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award!

Along with Prince Jang’s 20th Anniversary in the Entertainment industry this year, all of his eelas are celebrating with him for the great success of this young and talented star. His musical career is now well established, and is improving profusely. He’s not “just another pretty-faced actor”, as some commentors claim, but an “all-round Korean performing artist representing this era!”

Credits: brighteststarjanggeunsuk 

Love JKS Music? Get them here!

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I recently recieved an e-mail alert from Google containing this link. It was awesome! Most of Prince Jang Geun Suk’s songs are there, ready to be downloaded for free. Well, those were old songs from his advertisements and dramas, but nevertheless. They’re still treasures. Right, eels?

Feel free to comment below.

Here’s the direct link to the site: mp3world.mobi/music/jang-keun-suk

JKS Collectibles: Down Jacket for Girls

Here’s another collectibles for you all eels out there – a cool and comfy female down jacket from ZEGDA正大 with an exlusive JKS design! Surely, millions of eels out there would crave to have this. One of the Japanese speakers from Prince Jang’s KBS Documentary video was right when he said that “Although Jang Keun Suk is a Korean actor, actually he has already surpassed this title. ‘Jang Keun Suk’ has become a brand.” And thus he has, yes!

Would you like to have one? Comments are welcome below ^_^

To see the jacket design up close and for more information about this oh-so-lovely winter goodie, visit ZEGDA正大.

The Leopard Prince Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk loves leopard stuff. Leopard shirts, leopard neckties, leopard slippers and shorts, leopard-framed sunglasses, leopard scarfs, even leopard rabbit headbands.

His affection for this pretty, casual-elegant print pattern shows a lot not only in his personal, everyday fashion sense, but also in his projects like movies, music videos and dramas. It has become well-known to the whole kingdom of eels that Sukkie had to come up with cool leopard stuff for the eels to purchase and cherish as a token from him, like these:

Image from korea.com

  Image from Eels Cri_J

And if you’re an avid (and very loyal) eel like me, you would be able to notice in most of his movies and dramas that not only him wears the feline dotted prints, but the rest of the random casts also do, as if to imply their all out support for Jang Geun Suk, whom they look up to not only as a great actor, but a sweet and caring friend, too, on and off the lens.
And again, if you’re an avid (and very loyal) eel like me, you would take pains to collect all those photos and screen shots of him and his co-casts wearing leopard prints. But fortunately, you don’t have to undergo that ordeal, because I’ve already collected them all for you, and have poured those treasures here for you to grab. Enjoy!

The first one is my favorite, of course! This is the official album cover of Jang Geun Suk’s latest solo album “Just Crazy”. Can you see the leopard accesory? It
s on his wrist – and studded with diamonds, too. Definitely, that flashy thing has contributed to the comment on this picture by many eels that “Prince JKS is much prettier than a girl”, which makes me love him more.

Want more? Check out this page. =)