Jang Geun Suk Releases “Feel The Beat” Music Video

Jang Geun Suk shared a link on February 19 to one of his newest music video with Big Brother – a mixture of Korean and Chinese version of the song “Feel The Beat”.

The video was well embraced by Chinese fans and has been receiving positive responses since its online release on February 20, and even more support on its offline release on February 27.

So, can you “feel the beat” of Prince JKS as well? Comments are welcome. Thanks for dropping by ^_^

Prince JKS is the Spokesperson of “Dance Hall” Fashion Online Game

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The Fashion online game Dance Hall2013 has released photos of their spokesperson, Jang Keun Suk – his first personal image exposure for the Chinese Lunar New Year. The photos show the Dance HallNew Year Update festive costumes and festive ornaments, Jang Keun Suk with the Chinese wind jewelry. Combined with the sun‘s appearance and the handsome Jang Keun Suk, Spring Festival is totally overflowing with gas harmony.

Dance Hall” official website: http://au2.uu5.com/
Dance Hall” client download: http://au2.uu5.com/xz/
New Year styling
贺岁节日饰品 可爱的民族风
 The Lovely Ethnic Wind of the Lunar New Year Holiday Ornaments

Lunar New Year is China‘s traditional festival which is also observed by many countries around the world by holding a grand celebration during the Lunar New Year, including Vietnam as well as South Korea – the “birth place” of Dance Hall“. The Spring Festival showcases costumes series not only the Chinese New Year festive costumes, but also a representative of the Vietnam and Korean traditional style of Chinese New Year festive clothing.

New Year ornaments
 A big advantage of the game is that it is originally not a variety of holiday ornaments, but about harmony manifested in exaggerated form. For example, a small jewelry Lucky Cat waist knot ornament can give a “huge” effect.
Countries in the New Year clothing
中国结和春联 “根硕”新春Style
此次放出的张根硕写真以传统的“中国结”、“鞭炮”和“春联”为主要视觉元素,结合韩国 人气偶像——《劲舞堂》代言人张根硕俊朗时尚的形象,给广大的玩家带来新春福气满满的欢乐气氛。近期张根硕最新专辑中也将收录中文歌曲,和他代言的主打音 乐和舞蹈的《劲舞堂》相得益彰。
Chinese knot the couplets root ShuoNew Year Style

The photo releases having the traditional Chinese knot”, firecrackers” and coupletsas the main visual elements, combined with the Korean idol Dance Hallspokesperson Jang Keun Suk‘s handsome fashion image of Chinese New Year has become a blessing to the majority of the players and made them full of joy. Jang Keun Suk’s latest album will also be included in the Chinese songs, and his endorsement of the hit musical and dance Dance Hall” will complement each other.

The [Audition Church Game Description
《劲舞堂》(英文名:Audition2,简称AU2)是韩国T3历时7年精心研发的全新音乐舞蹈网游,以漫画渲染的方式打造精致游戏画面,同时拥有简 单易学的操作方式和酷炫的舞蹈动作。3D化的聊天室和潮流的服饰装扮给玩家带来全新的社交沟通体验,是最受期待的3D音乐舞蹈网游。
Dance Hall” (English name: Audition2 referred AU2) Korea T3 lasted seven years of meticulous research and development of new music and dance game, to create a comic rendering delicate game screen, at the same time has a simple, easy operation and cool dance moves. 3D chat room and the trend of dressing up to bring players a whole new experience of social communication, is the most anticipated 3D music and dance game.

Dance Hallofficial website: http://au2.uu5.com/

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