JKS to Fans: “Please Stop Nagging. There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”

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After the car accident he went through last March 22, Jang Geun Suk went straight to the airport without going to the hospital. In order to calm down the worried and terrified fans, Sukkie tweeted an update on his health!
On March 25 he tweeted:

“Please stop nagging. I have been touring hospitals since the morning. However, there is nothing wrong with me!”

On the morning of March 25, Jang Geun Suk had taken tests to make sure that he was fine.
A representative of his agency stated:
“In the morning of March 25 Jang Geun Suk took an examination. Although we have not yet received the official results, it looks like he does not have any problems.”
So, unni’s, there’s nothing to worry about. Our Prince is perfectly fine. Thanks to all your prayers. Let’s ignore the haters and keep on supporting him. Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

JKS’ Car Accident a Minor One? – Eels Objected

A not-so-good news shook the eels’ world when it was reported that the apple of their eye, Jang Geun Suk was involved in a car accident last Thursday around 6 o’clock in the evening. Sukkie was on his way to Incheon Airport to catch his flight to Thailand in order to promote Team H’s newest album “I Just Wanna Have Fun”. Sukkie was driving his own car. Unfortunately, the tire at the passenger’s seat went flat, and his car collided with the bus in front of him.

Sukkie was not hurt – much to the relief of the eels (including me). He was still able to catch his flight on time and was able to go on with the promotion in Japan. However, though some of us were relieved at the words “minor accident” used by some article writers in various KPOP influenced sites, some eels, after seeing the actual photo of Sukkie’s wrecked car, were not happy and even expressed their objections and irritations on the way the accident was described.

One eel commented:

It was NOT a minor accident!… When I read Minor Accident I think of a little fender bender or something. Look at this pic…does that LOOK freaking MINOR??? His tire BURST, be ran into a bus, the bus then hit a taxi. His car is totaled”

Other eels feel sad because it seems more and more obvious that many South Koreans hate Jang Geun Suk without any particular reason. Their contempt for the innocent artist becomes evident evident in news articles as biases can be hinted.
Another eel commented:
This accident is SO MUCH serious than reported! A BUS!! Could u believe that the impact is greater for a bus than a sports car?! I still believe there is NO Love for him in Korea… Sorry but true & I’m really depressed for Oppa :'(( Look at ‘Louis’! I know we can’t reveal context frm his APP…. I just feel for Keun suk Oppa… Thank god he is alive.
The entire SBS news can be viewed through this link:

In the end, the eels still resorted to peaceful means of dealing with the issue by just continuing on cheering Prince JKS and giving him the move and support he deserves. Eels have also expressed their deep concern and also wish for The Prince to be more careful.