Why Fans Go Crazy About JKS’ Song “Darling Darling”

To some KPop and JPop fans, JKS’ song “Darling Darling” may seem like just another one added to their playlist. But for JKS’ loyal eels, it’s so much more than that. That is because “Darling Darling” is a song that Keun-Chan dedicates to his fans all over the world.

Most commonly, you fall in love with a song because you can relate to it… because it somewhat tells your own story, or sympathizes with the bliss or sadness you are going through. But when a song is actually dedicated to you, that gives it a super extra boost in winning a special place in your heart.

Our World Prince has been receiving tons of love from his fans through thick and thin, supported him through good news and bad news alike. So now it is his turn to show his gratitude in the best and sweetest way possible – singing a song especially written for them (and of course with some dance moves and cute gestures that makes him all the more adorable)!

So tell us, fellow eels, do you like this song as much as we do? And if you get a chance to request the next song from Prince JKS, what kind of song would you wish for? Let us know in the comments 😉

Music Video

Credits: JangkeunsukVEVO

Lyrics: Romanji

Darling Darling nakitaku naruno
kyu ni tumetaku sareru to
sono kotoba hitotu de mirai mo kawaru
kimi no risoh no koi tte nan desu ka?

matiawase eki ga tikazuku to dokidoki
mado uturu kamigata meiku mo kanpeki

day by day yamazumi no sigoto datte
kyoh no tame owarasete
kokoro ga isogu yo zattoh no naka de
sugu ni mitukeru no kimi no koto wa

Darling Darling uresiku naruno
fui ni yayasiku sareru to
sono egao hitotu de watasi wo kaeru
kon na ni suki ni natte mo ii desu ka?

aeru hi wa speed wo agete tick tack
chotto sita sigusa demo kizuku kan kaku

step by step “kangaeteru koto kurai wa omitohsi sa”
nan te ijiwaru na serifu amaku sasayaite
atama naderu no wa hansoku dayo

Darling Darling setunaku naruno
kyu ni dakisime rareru to
sono tuyoi tikara de watasi wo kaeru
motto suki tte itte mo ii desu ka?

hajimete no koi demo nai noni
kon na kimoti
motto motto soba ni itai yo

Darling Darling aitaku naruno
itumo mo denwa nai yoru wa
sono chakusin hitotu de asita ga kawaru
kimi mo konya onaji kimoti desu ka?

Darling Darling nakitaku naruno
kyu ni tumetaku sareru to
sono kotoba hitotu de mirai mo kawaru
kimi no risoh no koi tte nan desu ka?

Lyrics Source: Metrolyrics

Lyrics: English

English translation: tenshi_akuma

Darling Darling I feel like crying
When you suddenly become cold to me
Just a simple word can change my future
Tell me what your ideal love is

Heading for the usual meeting spot at the station, makes my heart beat faster
Today’s hairdo and makeup looks perfect through the reflection on the window

day by day a pile of work
I managed to finish all for today
I’m getting nervous
Even in the crowd
I can recognize you immediately

Darling Darling I feel happy
When you abruptly become kind to me
Just your smile can change me
Can I love you so much?

When we meet, the clock ticks faster than usual
Even a small sign I can notice

step by step “I already know what you think”
Whispering such a mischievous phrase sweetly,
it’s unfair to stroke my head

Darling Darling I feel a lump in my throat
when you unexpectedly hold me in your arms
That strong power can change me
Can I declare my love for you more?

This is not my first love
But I’ve never felt this way before
I wish to be with you longer

Darling Darling I start to miss you
When I don’t get a regular phone call at night
Just a phone call will change my tomorrow
Do you feel the same tonight?

Darling Darling I feel like crying
when you suddenly become cold to me
Just a simple word can change my future
Tell me what your ideal love is

Lyrics Source: Metrolyrics

Jang Keun Suk’s Future Plans Include His Fans

From starting as a child model in a clothing catalogue, Jang Keun Suk has come a long way now, thanks to his ever supportive fans. And as a reward, it seems that Jang Keun Suk’s Future Plans will also be considering activities that will definitely bring smiles to them.

Lined up with the most popular of Korean celebrities, he is frequently included as one of Hallyu stars representative. That is why he was among the stars which X Sports News chose to interview as part of their recent 9th Anniversary celebration.

Since his rise in stardom, his name has echoed abroad and has gained the title of “Asia Prince”, which his fans are very proud of. And he seems to be totally comfortable hearing his title, too.

When JKS was asked how it must have felt for him being labeled as one of the Hallyu Stars that represent Korea, he says:

I feel honored and proud having been able to expanded my activities even throughout Asia and Japan. I am also aware that it would mean a lot more responsibility, which I am also willing to take.

Concert venues, fan meetings, and airports are the places with the most concentrations of his eels (that’s an endearment he has given to all his fans). Even amidst rumors that his number of fans are declining, JKS doesn’t seem to notice it at all.

Declining or not, I still see a lot of overseas fans waiting and greeting me wherever I go. I am even surprised to meet younger fans, even male ones. And I thank them for making me feel so loved, and that is all that matters.

JKS’ fans are not just located in Korea and in Asia. They can be found all around the globe. There are even hundreds of fan clubs established out of the fans’ love and support for him.

In return, JKS is most grateful and would always declare that they are the source of his inspiration for the future.

To my Eels abroad, Are you doing well? I think of you always and will continue to thank you for your wholehearted support, even if you are far away.

And What are Jang Keun Suk’s Future Plans?

The future may be too vague to predict, but it doesn’t stop him from cooking up plans for it.

As an actor, I’d like to keep building my filmography. As a singer I look forward to expanding into an Asian tour and even a world tour. Trying out new productions and having solo promotions abroad would be very exciting, too. And most of all, I really want to finally meet all my fans around the world, face to face.

Jang Geun Suk has just wrapped up earlier this year his latest drama “Jackpot” or “The Royal Gambler” in its English title.

Jang Keun Suk's future plans after filming a historical story
Credits: Viki

He engaged on an Asia tour and a Japan concert right after that, where he promoted his singing career. He recently released his single ‘Darling Darling’ last month and soon will also be releasing anther song entitled “Endless Summer”.

Jang Geun Suk is also appearing on “My Ear’s Candy” and has recently shared some sweet chemistry with Yoo In Na. However, those fans who are looking forward in seeing him back on the small screen may need to wait a little while longer.

I would like to rest for a while after filming my recent historical drama, but I haven’t stopped looking at scripts, and once a good project comes along, I will always be ready.

Now that’s a good hope for eels, isn’t it? As a loyal eel, being included in jang Keun Suk’s future plans is indeed an inspiring thing.

Are you one of his million fans who is also excited to see him back on TV? What character do you think he should try out next? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: SoompiNaver

JKS Apologizes to His Fans

I haven’t been active for a while now, but as a loyal eel, I still keep myself updated on what’s happening with our World Prince through Google Alerts. And the recent news I found were simply heart-wrenching that I finally had to break my silence.

It was recently rumored, and was finally confirmed that Keun-chan has been facing tax charges. However, it was not personally his fault but of his agency. As it turns out, his fans all over the world deeply grieve in seeing him face “punishments” that he doesn’t even deserve – like being forced to leave “Three Meals a Day”, for example.

Still, as a good-hearted and down-to-earth star, he mustered all courage to address an apology note to his fans for “disappointing them”.

Kyaaa! Oppa, we’re not disappointed at all. If anything, it makes us even more proud of how concerned you are with our feelings. And with that alone, we continue to support you until the end. Cheer up, oppa! Fighting! 🙂

Read the full story here.

Your Dream Date with Prince JKS – Coming True at Last!

Have you ever dreamed of a romantic date with Jang Keun Suk? Let’s admit it, all eels do wish of a dream date with Prince JKS. Well, now you can start rejoicing, for your dream can finally come true! I mean, inside a romantic game, at least 😉

Recently, a mobile game has been released in Japan t the delight of all Japanese eels. The game was called “Jang Keun Suk Tokimeki (Heart-Beating) Love Story”. Prince JKS has become so popular and well-loved by his Japanese fans that he now holds the record as the first ever Korean actor whose TV CM of mobile game was aired all throughout Japan.

The game features Keun-Chan himself as the main character, and with the player as his love interest. How romantic is that? In the game’s love story, the player works in a company owned by Jang Keun Suk, and then enjoy lots of sweet moments and stimulating dates with him.

Tree J Agency says:

“A dating relationship with Jang Geun Suk will become a reality for fans, when it has always been a fantasy, and we look forward to the response.”

There will be three commercial films to be aired all over Japan until November this year in connection to the game. The CM of “Jang Keun Suk Tokimeki Love Story” will be divided into 3 episodes which will be aired in October, November, and December”. Every player can expect a date with Prince JKS that starts from Meeting Episodes, and then to Working Episodes, and then on to the most awaited Dating Episodes.

The game is now available for purchase in Japan, as revealed by Tree J Agency. It was released on September 20, 2013. The rest of the fans around the world, also dreaming of a date with Prince JKS will just have to wait for the game’s international release, it seems. In the meantime, we can always take a peek here:

 Video credits: Saad Otaibi

If this game becomes available in your country, will you play it, too? Let us know in the comments 😉

Sources: Soompi and The eels Family

Keun-chan’s Look-a-Like: Will This Rookie Steal Away His Throne?

One “Super Star K5” contestant has recently drawing attentions online and has topped headlines for being a Jang Geun Suk look-alike!

Three days ago, the 26 year old Ahn Sung Hyun has caught the eyes of the public, not to mention the judges in “Super Star K5″ becuase in more that one way, he seemed to look a lot like Jang Geun Suk.

During the audition, Ahn Sung Hyun performed an acoustic version of Dynamic Duo‘s “Go Back”. He was able to please the judges with his soulful vocals and guitar skills.

Though not all of the review were positive, the special judge Yoon Min Soo has taken the rookie’s side by commenting:

“If you try a little harder, I think you will become a very unique artist.”

Now, now. Is this a possible threat to Jang Geun Suk’s career in the future, seeing that this rookie indeed is talented, not to mention their striking resemblance?

Could be. But if we dig a little farther back in the past, there’s been a handful of other stars that’s been rumored to look like the Prince in one way or another, but has not become a major threat to Keun-chan’s career.

As a bonus, I’ve collected them for you. Here they are.

I have discovered an article seeming to claim that JKS is like Hyde reincarnated. Hyde or Hideto Takarai (寶井 秀人 is a 44-year old Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, and actor.
Searching further, I have found out that this is not just some random claim of some attention-seeker blogger. The fact is, Keun-chan is a fan of Hyde! Nw that gives us a slight clue as to why they look similar.

Image ideas: The Dream Catcher
Here’s another one. Do you know T-max, a South Korean pop group under Planet905? Their former member Park Han Bi was also once praised for looking like Keun-chan.

Image idea: Ningin

And here’s a little peek into the future Keun Suk ahjussi. I wonder if Harry Potter fans would agree to this, but there’s this one photo of Keun-chan that he actually looks like Professor Snape! Really, how can I disagree to this?
Image credits: cheezburger

And how can we leave this one off the list?

 Image credits: netizenbuzz


Others have claimed that Hwang Tae Kyung and Jeremy had a common surgeon that’s why they look qute similar, but really, why don’t they just admit that it’s all because of these boys’ charming smile. Come on now, tell me I’m wrong.

???? You and me, I love my boy ????
 Photos from: crunchyroll and flickr 
So, what do you think? Can any of these faces actually compete with our World Prince’s charms? Share your thoughts below. ^_^