Egg Rainbow Salad

egg-rainbow-saladOn to my 3rd week of Monday Salad Dinner! This time, I called it “Rainbow Salad” because it’s just like that – a colorful rainbow of ingredients.

If you have checked out my crunchier salad last week, and if you have tried it on your own, surely your canines had their share of chewing exercise (just like mine). This week, I decided on something more jaw-friendly set of bite-sized fiber chunks.

I’ve been thinking of throwing in some grapes into my next salad bowl since last week. But before I was able to pick a bunch of them from the fruits section of SaveMore, an assortment of colorful sliced fruits caught my eye, and I ended up picking a package of it instead. Who could ever blame me? It ended up to be a whole lot cheaper and more practical than picking whole fruits (which obviously won’t fit into my salad bowl altogether. And the best part is, the package had grapes, too.




I thought that it would be such a shame if all those colorful fruit slices will just be gobbled up by me and just end there. It was fun just by simply looking at the varied colors, so I decided to spend a little more time in preparing so that the presentation would be more nice. Here’s what I did. If you want to do this one, too, be my guest. ^_^

arranged-lettuce-leaves1.) Cut off the lower part of each lettuce leaf (about 1/3rd of the whole leaf size). Arrange the upper parts of the leaves so that it would cover the inside of your salad bowl. The lower parts that you’ve removed can be further cut into bite-sized pieces and place them at the bottom of the bowl.

2.) mixing-mayo-and-fruitsDivide the mixture of bite-sized fruits into two. Throw in the first half into the bowl, squeeze in half of the mayo, and mix. Just be careful not to destroy your “lettuce bowl” formation.

3.) Add the remaining half of the fruit bits. Arrange the tomato slices on the sides of the bowl. Squeeze in the remaining mayonnaise, spreading it evenly on top of the fruits. Do not mix anymore.

4.) Cut each egg into six pieces, lengthwise, and arrange them at the center of the bowl.

5.) Chill for at least 30 minutes, and serve with VitaMilk Black Cereal Soymilk.


Hope you liked this version. Got other ideas? Feel free to share it below. Stay healthy. ^_^

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