Egg Rainbow Salad

egg-rainbow-saladOn to my 3rd week of Monday Salad Dinner! This time, I called it “Rainbow Salad” because it’s just like that – a colorful rainbow of ingredients.

If you have checked out my crunchier salad last week, and if you have tried it on your own, surely your canines had their share of chewing exercise (just like mine). This week, I decided on something more jaw-friendly set of bite-sized fiber chunks.

I’ve been thinking of throwing in some grapes into my next salad bowl since last week. But before I was able to pick a bunch of them from the fruits section of SaveMore, an assortment of colorful sliced fruits caught my eye, and I ended up picking a package of it instead. Who could ever blame me? It ended up to be a whole lot cheaper and more practical than picking whole fruits (which obviously won’t fit into my salad bowl altogether. And the best part is, the package had grapes, too.




I thought that it would be such a shame if all those colorful fruit slices will just be gobbled up by me and just end there. It was fun just by simply looking at the varied colors, so I decided to spend a little more time in preparing so that the presentation would be more nice. Here’s what I did. If you want to do this one, too, be my guest. ^_^

arranged-lettuce-leaves1.) Cut off the lower part of each lettuce leaf (about 1/3rd of the whole leaf size). Arrange the upper parts of the leaves so that it would cover the inside of your salad bowl. The lower parts that you’ve removed can be further cut into bite-sized pieces and place them at the bottom of the bowl.

2.) mixing-mayo-and-fruitsDivide the mixture of bite-sized fruits into two. Throw in the first half into the bowl, squeeze in half of the mayo, and mix. Just be careful not to destroy your “lettuce bowl” formation.

3.) Add the remaining half of the fruit bits. Arrange the tomato slices on the sides of the bowl. Squeeze in the remaining mayonnaise, spreading it evenly on top of the fruits. Do not mix anymore.

4.) Cut each egg into six pieces, lengthwise, and arrange them at the center of the bowl.

5.) Chill for at least 30 minutes, and serve with VitaMilk Black Cereal Soymilk.


Hope you liked this version. Got other ideas? Feel free to share it below. Stay healthy. ^_^

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Chicken Salad Mania – The Better Version

Chicken Salad by Flame
Chicken Salad by Flame

Last week, I had my first attempt at creating a home-made, cheaper than ever salad. If you have tried making your own using that as your guide, then you may have felt something was missing after you’ve gobbled up your bowl of greens. In fact, there was, indeed, some bits missing in that recipe. So this time, I present to you my second – and better version of Monday chicken salad dinner.

Living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. All it requires is creativity, resourcefulness, and loads of fun.

My salad experience gets better and better with every bowl! Well, okay, let’s not get carried away. After all, I’m still on the first month of my “one-salad-dinner-a-week diet”. It was self resolution I started 2 weeks ago, along with my daily yoga and semi-vegetarian diet.

SaveMore Salad Package
SaveMore Salad Package

For this week, I decided to try out something way better than the ones before. So earlier today I was there, pushing my blue cart and strolling inside SaveMore Supermarket.

I picked items from shelves as I went down my well-prepared grocery list. Intentionally, I picked my salad ingredients last to preserve their freshness. And when it was time to gather my greens, I went to the vegetable section. The process turned out to be a lot easier and faster than I expected. That’s because I have noticed a package right next to the ball of lettuce I was about to pick. When I checked it out, it was a salad package complete with a Caesar Dressing, to my great delight! And it’s got more varied slices of fresh veggies than I was planning to buy.

What Went into my Chicken Salad

Cucumber with Skin
Cucumber with Skin
Onions, Carrots, Corn, and Turnips
Onions, Carrots, Corn, and Turnips
Seedless Green Tomatoes
Seedless Green Tomatoes
Caesar Dressing
Caesar Dressing
Chicken Salad Ingredients
Chicken Salad Ingredients
Vitamilk Soya Drink and Chicken Salad
Vitamilk Soya Drink and Chicken Salad

I got all of these for only Php75.00. Okay, okay, that costs Php7.50 more than last week’s salad, but what a small amount compared to the added colors (and nutrients) I got, right!

Same as before, all I had to do was to mix everything. Since almost everything were already sliced into bite-sized chunks, the preparation went a lot faster.

How long did we prepare the other salad last week? 20 minutes? Well, this one took only 10 minutes, and presto! Here I am, blogging as I munch on salad pieces in between sentences!

That bottle of drink on the side?

I’ve read a lot of shocking facts about diet drinks and the not-so-good effects of their artificial sweeteners, so I switched to Vitamilk Black Cereal Soymilk this time to go with my salad meal.

More from the Background

Earlier, I had my once a week “eat-anything-I-want lunch” at Orange Brutus. Unaware that I’ve successfully reduced my preferred meal size in just a matter of one week, I was stunned at how large the chicken pieces they serve! I ended up asking the crew to pack for take out one of the 2-piece chicken I ordered. That’s the chicken that ended up mixed into my salad.

By the way, if you plan to do the same thing, make sure not to include the breaded chicken skin. Only the white meat strips should go into that bowl or else, your salad will taste like fast food! It won’t be as healthy as you would intend it to be. Better yet, just use plain boiled chicken, sliced into bite-sized cubes.


Flame and her Chicken Salad
Flame and her Chicken Salad

There you have it! Try this, and you’ll definitely find it more delectable than the first one. Next week, maybe we’ll to find more variations in preparing our salad mania. I can hardly wait!

Easy Morning Yoga Poses – For Shaping The Legs

I’m supposed to be on my 3rd week of jogging session today. I have developed this new obsession and made an effort to find a nearby sports complex where I can run at least 3 times a week because I’ve been growing exceedingly conscious of my slightly larger-than-normal legs lately (thanks to that two-month long OJT in the province two years ago where I had to walk 4 kilometers every single day!).

Unfortunately, today is “one of those days” (you know what I mean, girls). As much as I wanted to, surely my system would not allow me to run even at least half of Abellana’s football field, so I had no choice but to stay home. And, as if to prove that all things do work together for good, I finally got the time to read my previously researched articles about one of the most trending health practices today – Yoga.

One of the many good things that Yoga does to the human body is stretch the muscles. Yes, exactly, including the leg muscles which will eventually lessen its bulkiness. That’s why I’ve grown more interested in it. But since I’ve never tried Yoga before, I have to start on the very basics, so I’ve chosen these two for a start which I can conveniently implement after waking up in the morning before heading for work.

If you’re a beginner like me, and you’re also planning to slowly include Yoga into your lifestyle, feel free to join me by also doing these two simple Yoga poses every morning. You might also want to share your own experiences after a few weeks. The comment box bellow will always be open for you.

Wind Relieving Posture



  1. Lie down on your back. As you breathe in, drag your right knee near to your chest, keeping your left leg on the ground so it is straight.
  2. Push your shoulders and the back-side of your neck into the ground while at the same time holding your knee. Breathe and hold this position for ten seconds.
  3. Repeat the first two steps with the other leg. Follow this up by hugging both knees to your chest for another ten seconds to finish the set.
  4. Keep repeating this set as long as you wish.


Cobra Posture



  1. Lie down on your stomach with legs and feet touching each other. Your palms should be planted on the floor below your shoulders with fingers facing outwards.
  2. Start inhaling and lift your upper body by gradually lifting your head first followed by your chest. Remember to keep your shoulders down. Your pelvis and thighs should never leave the floor.
  3. Breathe normally and hold this pose for about twenty five seconds. As you breathe, make sure that it is in even breaths all the way through your nose.
  4. Go back to starting location and repeat if desired.

If you find these two insufficient, you can include this 4-minute video in your session. It’s easy to follow and will definiteley make you feel good:

Yoga For STRONG SLIM Legs : Work It Out Wednesday – BEXLIFE

That’s about it for now. don’t forget to drop by every now and then as I’ll be posting more of my discoveries and experiences (and body improvements) in connection with this wonderful exercise in the coming days. Stay healthy! ^_^

Credits to my sources:
Yoga Holistic Online
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