A Map of Dreams

With the charms, enormous amount of talents, and powerful fighting spirit of an Aquarian like me, getting what I want is just a walk in the park.


…with the wide array of interests, scattered ideas, and unorganized archive of a brain of an Aquarian like me, getting what I want (then again) is like a walk in a maze.

Let’s admit it, Aquarians. These are some of our weaknesses.

That’s why I’ve come up with this tool to help me. I call it my “Map of Dreams”. Everything I aspire to achieve is here. This simple, Photoshopped image guides me in organizing my thoughts and focus my efforts only on stuff that are relevant to what I really want out of my life. By just looking at this, I will be able to know where I am and which ones I have already gained (the green boxes), what’s next to grab (the red boxes directly connected to the green ones), and where I really want to see myself in the future.


Neat, right?

So, what are yours? How about making your own “map of Dreams”?

Share your thoughts below. Keep winning! ^_^