About Flame


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – a four-year course with a total of four internships. I have been a webmaster and PHP Developer for over three years now. My technical skills include computer programming, web design, SEO, social media strategies, and content writing.

With programming,  PHP is my expertise, followed by other web-based languages, scripts, and libraries such as Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and Bootstrap. I’ve done a considerable count of systems using CodeIgniter, a PHP-based framework, and have deployed lots of websites using WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop. I also have a decent background in other programming languages such as C, Visual Basic, VB.Net, and Java.

I am competent and well organized in data entry, data manipulation, and other data-related tasks. I am very familiar with MySQL, MSSQL, and MS Access databases as well as MS and Google Sheets.

Being well-experienced in providing all-in-one package to my previous clients, I am also adept in content writing, technical writing, SEO, social media strategies, web design, as well as infographics designing.

Some of the applications that I regularly use include Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint for photo manipulation, Macromedia and Flipbook for 2D animation, and AVS Video Editor and Cyberlink PowerDirector for video editing. Other applications and tools that I can use are XAMPP, Filezilla, Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Trello, Prezi, Google Sheets, as well as MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher.

For the past 3 years, I have been exposed to managing teams of Web and Systems Developers as well as spearheading development projects including systems, websites, themes and plugins, and customer-specific applications.

Aside from my technical skills, I am also confident in talking and negotiating with clients, both in written and verbal form.

As a student, my thesis (along with my two other teammates) has received a grade of 1.0 and has won “Best in Thesis Documentation” for university-wide competition.

About Flame

I’m a minimalist, a proud Aquarian, a self-proclaimed writer and multilinguist, a very loyal Eel (that means a Jang Geun Suk fan), and a rescuer of abandoned paper clips, bobby pins, and 25 cents.

Losing my dad when I was one and having an absentee mom, I’ve lived most of my teenage years with grandparents. Though they took a big part in taking care of me, they had little part in authority. I practically grew up having my own way most of the time, and I learned survival at a young age (maybe that explains the stubbornness sometimes haha).

I have a strong sense of positivity towards everything.

And oh, I’m an eclectic witch 🙂

Life & Living

I enjoy being alive, and would love to live for all eternity if given the chance. The world may seem small now, but it remains to offer an endless exploration that I can’t get enough of it.

I love traveling and I’m quite proud of the growing list of places I have visited and stayed in. Someday, I will travel around the world in one of the biggest cruise ships there is, and will settle down in another country.. maybe Canada or South Korea or Japan perhaps.

I’m currently into learning new languages and dialects as I want to understand more people. I can now read 100% of the Korean alphabet, although I can only understand about 30%. I can understand a bit of Japanese (being an otaku), and I have also recently started in learning Spanish.

My ultimate dreams: to be a multilinguist and a lawyer.


My heart has hardened with time (long story short). I used to believe in fairy tales, just like any “normal” girl out there.

Not anymore.

Failed relationships taught me that romantic love is nothing more than a strange and distant thing, almost superficial. I see it as synonymous to selfishness. Contrary to most people, I don’t value romantic love very much. I don’t believe in it. I only believe friendship, respect, and companionship. Romantic love it is not the key to a happy and contented life. Self fulfillment is.

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