JKS Apologizes to His Fans

I haven’t been active for a while now, but as a loyal eel, I still keep myself updated on what’s happening with our World Prince through Google Alerts. And the recent news I found were simply heart-wrenching that I finally had to break my silence.

It was recently rumored, and was finally confirmed that Keun-chan has been facing tax charges. However, it was not personally his fault but of his agency. As it turns out, his fans all over the world deeply grieve in seeing him face “punishments” that he doesn’t even deserve – like being forced to leave “Three Meals a Day”, for example.

Still, as a good-hearted and down-to-earth star, he mustered all courage to address an apology note to his fans for “disappointing them”.

Kyaaa! Oppa, we’re not disappointed at all. If anything, it makes us even more proud of how concerned you are with our feelings. And with that alone, we continue to support you until the end. Cheer up, oppa! Fighting! πŸ™‚

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