Keun-chan’s Look-a-Like: Will This Rookie Steal Away His Throne?

One “Super Star K5” contestant has recently drawing attentions online and has topped headlines for being a Jang Geun Suk look-alike!

Three days ago, the 26 year old Ahn Sung Hyun has caught the eyes of the public, not to mention the judges in “Super Star K5″ becuase in more that one way, he seemed to look a lot like Jang Geun Suk.

During the audition, Ahn Sung Hyun performed an acoustic version of Dynamic Duo‘s “Go Back”. He was able to please the judges with his soulful vocals and guitar skills.

Though not all of the review were positive, the special judge Yoon Min Soo has taken the rookie’s side by commenting:

“If you try a little harder, I think you will become a very unique artist.”

Now, now. Is this a possible threat to Jang Geun Suk’s career in the future, seeing that this rookie indeed is talented, not to mention their striking resemblance?

Could be. But if we dig a little farther back in the past, there’s been a handful of other stars that’s been rumored to look like the Prince in one way or another, but has not become a major threat to Keun-chan’s career.

As a bonus, I’ve collected them for you. Here they are.

I have discovered an article seeming to claim that JKS is like Hyde reincarnated. Hyde or Hideto Takarai (寶井 秀人 is a 44-year old Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, and actor.
Searching further, I have found out that this is not just some random claim of some attention-seeker blogger. The fact is, Keun-chan is a fan of Hyde! Nw that gives us a slight clue as to why they look similar.

Image ideas: The Dream Catcher
Here’s another one. Do you know T-max, a South Korean pop group under Planet905? Their former member Park Han Bi was also once praised for looking like Keun-chan.

Image idea: Ningin

And here’s a little peek into the future Keun Suk ahjussi. I wonder if Harry Potter fans would agree to this, but there’s this one photo of Keun-chan that he actually looks like Professor Snape! Really, how can I disagree to this?
Image credits: cheezburger

And how can we leave this one off the list?

 Image credits: netizenbuzz


Others have claimed that Hwang Tae Kyung and Jeremy had a common surgeon that’s why they look qute similar, but really, why don’t they just admit that it’s all because of these boys’ charming smile. Come on now, tell me I’m wrong.

???? You and me, I love my boy ????
 Photos from: crunchyroll and flickr 
So, what do you think? Can any of these faces actually compete with our World Prince’s charms? Share your thoughts below. ^_^