JKS to Fans: “Please Stop Nagging. There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”

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After the car accident he went through last March 22, Jang Geun Suk went straight to the airport without going to the hospital. In order to calm down the worried and terrified fans, Sukkie tweeted an update on his health!
On March 25 he tweeted:

“Please stop nagging. I have been touring hospitals since the morning. However, there is nothing wrong with me!”

On the morning of March 25, Jang Geun Suk had taken tests to make sure that he was fine.
A representative of his agency stated:
“In the morning of March 25 Jang Geun Suk took an examination. Although we have not yet received the official results, it looks like he does not have any problems.”
So, unni’s, there’s nothing to worry about. Our Prince is perfectly fine. Thanks to all your prayers. Let’s ignore the haters and keep on supporting him. Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

JKS 2012 Tour DVDs to be Released on June

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According to @GAM website, JANG KEUN SUK 2012 ASIA TOUR (except Japan tours) LIVE/ MAKING DVD will finally be out on June 14th, 2013.

Image Credits: soompi.com

This JANG KEUN SUK 2012 ASIA TOUR started in Seoul in July, 2012 and toured all 9 cities including Japan, China and Taiwan. Japan tour version LIVE/ MAKING DVD were already released. (Here is the info.) This time also LIVE and MAKING DVD will be released separately. Now, no image photo is out. So I will share just the specs from @GAM website. @GAM website doesn’t provide overseas shipping services. But later, I’m sure you can get them in other website like YesAsia.com. So please wait for a while. The price is 6,825 yen (including tax), but I’m sure this price for Japanese buyers. I think you can get this original (Korean) DVD with different price.

* JANG KEUN SUK 2012 ASIA TOUR LIVE DVD -Shanghai, Taiwan, Shenzhen-

■ Disc: 2 Discs (120 minutes)
■ Bonus: 100p photo book
■ Language: Korean
■ Subtitles: Japanese and English
■ Region Code: ALL
■ Release Date: 2013-06-14
LIVE DVD will contain 19 songs:
1.200 miles
2.Take care, My Bus!
3.Let Me Cry
6.Bye Bye Bye
7.Crazy Crazy Crazy
8.Always Close to You
10.Hello Hello
11.Oh My Darling
12.In My Dream
14.Guardian star
15.I Will Promise You
16.My Precious
17.Melody We Made Together
18.Gotta Getcha
19.Shake it
* JANG KEUN SUK 2012 ASIA TOUR MAKING DVD -Shanghai, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Seoul-
■ Disc: 2 Discs (110 minutes)
■ Bonus: 100p photo book
■ Language: Korean
■ Subtitles: Japanese and English
■ Region Code: ALL
■ Release Date: 2013-06-14
MAKING DVD will contain as follows:
1.Seoul: shooting site – recording – dance practice – rehearsal – live concert – playback concert
2.Shanghai: airport – hotel – fitness center in hotel – press conference – stage check – tennis – live concert – after party
2.Taiwan: airport – tennis – fitness center in hotel – sightseeing – tennis – rehearsal – live concert – playback concert
4.Airport: hotel – sightseeing – meal – pool in hotel – make-up – rehearsal – after party – airport – PC game – appearance on TV – traveling by car – airport.

According to the website, there is no ‘Seoul’ in LIVE DVD. And there is no ‘Shenzen’ in MAKING DVD. Plus, about the bonus photobook, I’m not sure if each DVD contains the same one or different one. Both just says 100 page photo book.

Note: We do not claim that 100% of the info above is correct. These were translated from @GAM website.

Vote JKS On Myx Philippines

One of World Prince Jang Geun Suk’s avid follower shared this one recently, so I felt the need to re-post this one so the rest of the eels would know and would support as well. Let’s continue giving love to our Prince!

Image credits: tumblr.com
Time for us to show that Jang Keun Suk is known here in the Philippines. Foreign Eels are welcome to participate as well. Please help us promote this poll. Let’s target the number 1 rank in the most popular music channel in the Philippines.

1. Go to this site http://www.myxph.com/
2. Register if you are new.. If not, make sure you log in first 🙂
3. Click the “Home” tab
4. Just like in the posted photo, you’ll find the POLL field at the upper left corner of the page.
5. Not sure though of what’s its use, but to be safer I just clicked the radio button beside the sentence “Please follow the format: Title of the video – Artist name”
6. Copy this one: “What Is Your Name – Jang Keun Suk”
and Paste it in the available space above the VOTE button.
Just like how we’ve done it in the photo..
7. Important reminder: This is one vote per day. Make it a daily habit. Promote if you can please. Again, let’s prove that he is known and Number 1 in the Philippines.

JKS’ Car Accident a Minor One? – Eels Objected

A not-so-good news shook the eels’ world when it was reported that the apple of their eye, Jang Geun Suk was involved in a car accident last Thursday around 6 o’clock in the evening. Sukkie was on his way to Incheon Airport to catch his flight to Thailand in order to promote Team H’s newest album “I Just Wanna Have Fun”. Sukkie was driving his own car. Unfortunately, the tire at the passenger’s seat went flat, and his car collided with the bus in front of him.

Sukkie was not hurt – much to the relief of the eels (including me). He was still able to catch his flight on time and was able to go on with the promotion in Japan. However, though some of us were relieved at the words “minor accident” used by some article writers in various KPOP influenced sites, some eels, after seeing the actual photo of Sukkie’s wrecked car, were not happy and even expressed their objections and irritations on the way the accident was described.

One eel commented:

It was NOT a minor accident!… When I read Minor Accident I think of a little fender bender or something. Look at this pic…does that LOOK freaking MINOR??? His tire BURST, be ran into a bus, the bus then hit a taxi. His car is totaled”

Other eels feel sad because it seems more and more obvious that many South Koreans hate Jang Geun Suk without any particular reason. Their contempt for the innocent artist becomes evident evident in news articles as biases can be hinted.
Another eel commented:
This accident is SO MUCH serious than reported! A BUS!! Could u believe that the impact is greater for a bus than a sports car?! I still believe there is NO Love for him in Korea… Sorry but true & I’m really depressed for Oppa :'(( Look at ‘Louis’! I know we can’t reveal context frm his APP…. I just feel for Keun suk Oppa… Thank god he is alive.
The entire SBS news can be viewed through this link:

In the end, the eels still resorted to peaceful means of dealing with the issue by just continuing on cheering Prince JKS and giving him the move and support he deserves. Eels have also expressed their deep concern and also wish for The Prince to be more careful.

Meet the Cutest Crab on Earth – Sukkie-ssi

Another cute selca posted by Jang Geun Suk via twitter was being feasted by eels last March 8.

Image credits: ph.omg.yahoo.com

In the photograph, Sukkie wore a bright red hat, with crab’s pincers that served like bent horns, and more crab’s appendages on the sides that formed like large ears.

And immediately, a chibi version was made by the fans:

 Image credits as mentioned, from worldprincejangkeunsuk

My, oh my! If crabs are as cute as this, I’d go all out vegetarian. ^_^

Do you find Sukkie a cute crab, too? Drop your comments below. Thanks for visiting.

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JKS a Self-Proclaimed Asia Prince?

Several fans have been reacting to recent posts on several sites calling Jang Geun Suk as “self-proclaimed prince”.
Image credits: filebookph

This caused a stir among the eels family. They felt the need to defend Sukkie, a multi-talented artist who, even to the peak of his success and fame, has remained a down-to-earth person who always consider himself as “no more special than anyone else”. But since JKS is a peace-loving person, that aura reverberates too among his fans. Eels can be deeply hurt and would sometimes react to false reviews and accusations towards Jang Geun Suk, but most of the time, they would just opt to leave the haters keep hating, and would just focus on supporting the prince even more, enfolding Sukkie in a stronger barrier of love and support that haters could not even penetrate.

Nowadays, when fans are as noncommittal as bees transferring from flower to flower in search of a sweeter nectar, one can hardly find a star like Jang Geun Suk, who is deeply loved by his eels, staying by his side through all character, fashion, musical concept, or hairstyle changes. His pure heart has created a family bond not only between him and every eel, but also among the eels themselves. In search for JKS attention, eels don’t feel any competition towards each other, because the Prince treats them all equally. That, and more is enough for him to be called a prince.
Image credits: en.korea.com

It was the millions of eels, and not Jang Geun Suk himself who proclaimed him “Asia Prince”, and who are now proclaiming him “World Prince” because of his hardwork, compassion, and inextinguishable dedication in providing entertainment and inspiration to his fans who constantly look up to him. He never “self-proclaimed”, and in fact, there is no need for him to do so, because in the hearts of every loyal eel, he already is the World Prince.

Jang Geun Suk Releases “Feel The Beat” Music Video

Jang Geun Suk shared a link on February 19 to one of his newest music video with Big Brother – a mixture of Korean and Chinese version of the song “Feel The Beat”.

The video was well embraced by Chinese fans and has been receiving positive responses since its online release on February 20, and even more support on its offline release on February 27.

So, can you “feel the beat” of Prince JKS as well? Comments are welcome. Thanks for dropping by ^_^

Jang Geun Suk Climbs Up Top 2 on Japan’s Oricon Chart

Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother’s Team H with their first studio album ‘I Just Wanna Have Fun’ has occupied the second position on the Oricon Daily Chart, the Oricon official website posted on February 28.

 Image credits: dkpopnews
Team H started the first of their Asia Tour called “2013 Team H Party – I Just Wanna Have Fun” on Hiroshima last February 23 and 24 – a concert which has turned into a wild and lively party with the effects of transporting into another planet, which has delighted 10,000 fans that joined the event. Even way back from two weeks before the promotional concert, the early announcement of the album release already had a promising success ring to it, being patronized by Jang Geun Suk’s ever loyal eels in almost every country in Asia and the rest of the seven continents.
To be able to enter the top ten of the Oricon Chart and to land on number two is such a great addition to Team H’s fast growing power in the music world. It’s a news that delights all Team H fans, particularly the long-time supporters of the Prince of Asia who is now increasingly gaining the much higher title as the World Prince. Jang Geun Suk has once again proved his reign as he hits the highest rank on Oricon Chart among all the Hallyu artists.
Other Hallyu artists who made it to the top ten were Big Bang’s Daesung with his first solo album “D’scover” on fourth place, and BoA with her latest Japanese single “Only One” on ninth place.
Image credits: dkpopnews

Oricon Chart is a music ranking of Japan’s music industry by Oricon Incorporated (株式会社オリコン), a Japanese holding company that supplies statistics and information on Japan’s music and music industry. It is well known for its music charts since 1967.
Credits to my sources:

A Smile for U.K.

When my facebook friend – a person I don’t even know personally – told me how my smile (in the photos I uploaded) has brightened up his “rather cold, grey Sunday”, it became an eye-opener to me more than just a flattery.

I used to dream of living in a place with four seasons, because the snow in movies look so beautiful and the autumn is bursting with colors. I used to think that it’s a pity for the Philippines to only have two seasons. I failed to appreciate the hot summers I had in the cities. All I did was complain. Now I realized that having four seasons have its own disadvantages as well.

My facebook friend said that people in United Kingdom don’t smile much recently because of the extended winter.

“…the winter is still here, even though it is officially springtime. it has been the coldest march since 1963 in England and now the state wants to ration the gas. 5000 old people have already died of cold this month so it isn’t too good a scenario.”

My, what an irony! While we Filipinos kept complaining of the hot weather, thousands of people on the other side of the world are struggling to keep alive in the midst of the cruel winter. We ignore our blessing of having four, balanced seasons, while they, on the other side of the world would give everything to have a few rays of warm sunshine that we abundantly have, yet fail to appreciate.

“We used to have four seasons but now it is just cold season then wet season, we have lost summer somewhere along the way.”

There I was, in front of my laptop’s built-in camera trying to capture the best pose for my profile picture; there I was, in our Graduation ball, very attentive to all the cameras that roam around for fear of being captured in my worst angle; there I was, plastering my best smile during group pictures and wrestling with friends for the front or center positions. Yet, all those times, it never occurred to me that my smile could travel as far as United Kingdom and bring warmth to one heart out there.

“You keep smiling and I am sure that the cold won’t feel so bad.”

That’s all he asked of me. How can I turn my back on such a humble request?