First Japanese Concert – 10,000 Fans

It’s the first of the many to come! TEAM H held their very first Japan Concert on Hiroshima, the 2013 Team H Party – I Just Wanna Have Fun last February 23-24, and was well supported by 10,000 fans!
Photo credits: Tree_J Company
Team H performed songs from its mini album Lounge H The First Impression and also from its upcoming album I Just Wanna Have Fun, which is scheduled to be released on February 27.
Jang Keun Suk and sound producer BIGBROTHER was accompanied by leading dancers. The concert was a mixture of dance and DJ performance, and the boys showed off their rock and electronic mixes – a trademark of Team H.
Even the stage effects did not fail to constantly awe the audience, making them feel “as if they had landed in another planet”. Team H made the audience get involved in the party,  and the whole concert arena was transformed into an extra large and wild night club.
 Photo credits: Tree_J Company
Photo credits: Tree_J Company

The highly expected tour of 2013 Team H Party – I Just Wanna Have Fun will go on, visiting more places on the folowing dates:
Kobe World Memorial Hall – February 27-28, 2013
Hokkaido Tsukisamu Green Dome – March 6-7, 2013
Chiba / Makuhari Messe Event Hall – March 12-13, 2013
The boys will also visit other Asian cities and hold performances there, including Shanghai in China, Thailand, and Taiwan.
Team H is sure to be targetting another record to be included in its growing list of achievements. The Prince has a lot of adventures ahead of him, and eels all over the globe are looking forward to have their share in those upcoming adventures.

Brunch at Orange Brutus

It is my self resolution that by the time I finish my OJT and leave Cebu City, I have already dined in most of its restaurants, if not all. So on a Friday morning of February 22, fresh from my 2nd to the last graveyard duty for the week, I changed into comfy summer outfit, rushed to an ATM for my allowance, and decided to check out Orange Brutus.

Outside, the tiny restaurant looked nothing more special than its neighbors McDonald’s, Chow King, and Pizza Hut. In fact, I would say that it’s the least inviting for hungry tummies, because the sound of its name was more like dessert to me than main course. Nevertheless, I gathered my resolve and went in. The door was opened by a slightly chicken-eyed security guard, smiling enthusiastically as he greeted me “Good morning, ma’am!” That livened up my spirit and has tremenduoulsy lowered down the turn off effect the wet floor near the door could have made.

As I ordered, I noticed a transparent shelf displaying round cakes, mostly chocolate, right next to the counter. That was rather unusual, I thought, still having the perception that I’m inside a fast food chain like Jollibee. I received a manually written official receipt of my order, which is another unusual thing as I am used to receiving computerized ones. The cashier had no computer in front of her.

I settled down on a round table near the glass wall, as I always prefer natural light when eating.


After waiting for about ten minutes with my order still not coming, I regretted not bringing one of my books. For me, it’s such a waste of time sitting down for that long without doing anything except watching through the glass wall some people passing by outside. So I asked the guard to look after my order when i t arrives, and went outside to buy some newspapers. After paying the vendor Php25.00 for an issue of The Philippine Star, I went back inside Orange Brutus, and amused myself by reading the front page, as my order still hasn’t come.


After reading about UNA junking away 3 common bets for the upcoming senatorial elections, a uniformed waitress finally approached my table, settling my order in front of me, and informing me that my mashed potato order for take out will just come later. I thanked her and started on munching on vegetable strips from the side of my dish.

I ordered boneless bangus (milkfish) in mushroom gravy served in a sizzling black metal plate rested in a flat, oval, wooden holder, an extra rice which was served heart-shape, and a large glass of Sprite for drinks. It’s almost like a fast food type of meal, except that it was not fast.



I ate my meal rather heartily yet slowly, as I alternated my spoonfuls with the newspaper reading. The bangus was wonderful. It’s one hundred percent boneless, and the mushroom gravy with a pint of butter flavor complemented the slightly salty taste of the fried fish. It was one simple meal I appreciated along with the cozy ambiance of the restaurant and its friendly staff. I really wouldn’t mind visiting the place again soon.

Orange Brutus is located at Ma. Cristina Bldg. Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City. They also have branches at Capitol Site, Ayala, Gen. Maxilom Ave, Robinsons, Cebu Doctors, P Del Rosario, Elizabeth Mall, and Sm City.

(My apologies to the poor quality images because it was only taken using my Nokia L3000. I am so looking forward and hoping to having my very own digital camera soon.)

TEAM H Is – Sukkie Hiding Big Bro’s pHone

Prince Sukkie never runs out of humorous escapades. And this time, the unfortunate Big Brother fell as his victim! LOL
 Sukkie sneaks to pick up and hide Big Brother’s handy phone as the other went out of the car for a while.
The mischevous Prince proudly shows to the camera Big Brother’s phone before hiding it behind him, just in time for…

Big Brother to come back and look for his phone as Sukkie pretends innocent with his award-winning acting. LOL

You’ve got to see the full video to laugh out loud. And you’ll really start to love these boys even more. ^_^
Video credits to PrinceJKS

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TEAM H is Team Hiroshima

What’s with the oyster, Sukkie? And okonomiyaki??? LOL, whatever you say, boys. I definitely had a good laugh with this video. Hahaha.

Words of the day:
oyster and okonomiyaki….
…and oyster…
and okonomiyaki…. wahahaha..
and oyster and okonomiyaki…. LOL

Video credits: PrinceJKS

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As for me, well, I like Sukkie a lot better. ^_^

Pre-Filming Video – So Charming!

He’s getting even more “beautiful” everyday.
Never loses any ounce of cuteness.
Aja, My World Prince! Keep winning.
You still have the most charming smile in the universe. ^_^

That comment was mine. The others say:


World Prince!! I Love Uuuu so much. Quiero verte de cerca.. Saluditos desde Venezuela.Translation: How I want to see you up close. A salute from Venezuela.

awww, love the cute face he made at the end.. ;D

kawayyyyy su carita al final fue lo mejor, me recordo los gestos que mis sobrinos hacen cuando toman su jarabe jajajajaj tan lindo este hombre cada vez se gana mas mi corazón.

Traslation: kawayyyyy his face at the end was the best, gestures reminded me that my nephews do when they take their syrup hahaha so cute this man wins more my heart even more.

Well, I couldn’t blame them from making such fuss about a pre-filming, less than one minute video. It’s really captivating – just as what to expect from a reigning World Prince. Are you getting more curious? Watch it, then, and share on the comment box below on how you have found his face in the end. Here you go:

Video credits to no other than PrinceJKS himself ^_^
Conversation on the video:
What is Team H? 8
からだが前みたいじゃないTEAM H
translation : What is Team H? 8
Up to a couple of years ago
I felt rejuvenated soon after drinking such a bottle of nutritional drink.
But now, even if drinking 1.5 liter,
I don’t feel so.
TEAM H body is no more the same as before…
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

More screenshots from the video:

And finally, “face-like-taking-a-bitter-syrup” cute face. So cute ^_^

Where to Get Team H Album in the Philippines

A new friend or mine who is also a loyal eel asked a favor from me through facebook. She wanted to know where to buy the latest Team H album in the Philippines, so I researched a little to grant her wish. Here’s what I found out so far:
Image credits: eelsphilippines

Warner Music has announced an album release on February 27 this year, and there will be an album launch at Astrovision, Glorietta on March 02 at five in the afternoon. Exciting prizes and Jang Geun Suk collectibles are waiting for those who attend and join the games and raffles during the program.

Surely enough, you can buy the album at the venue. Selling starts at ten o’clock in the morning. Make sure to keep your receipts to claim freebies and raffle stubs. The album prices are as follows:

Set A: Php1,500.00

Set B: Php1,800.00

The album launch is sponsored by Warner Music Philippines.

See more details and get connected with other eels who are going to the album launch! Just visit the event page created by JANG GEUN SUK PH.
 Image credits: eelsphilippines
If I’d be able to find more updates, I’d post them here in a jiffy.
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JKS-inspired Hotel

Well,okay, the hotel does not literally exist – at least not yet. I don’t even have the slightest idea if Sukkie is even considering the entrance to the hotel business, but, irregardless. This is just one of those works of mine which have him as the main stimulus.

Image credits: JGSPERU

Recently, I was assigned a task to create a WordPress theme design and, being too much inspired by The Prince, has ended up creating this one as the initial product:

When one of my seniors reviewed the design and gave me guidelines for enhancing it, it turned out to be like this as my final output:

The theme is currently undergoing development as of this writing, headed mainly by my partner which is one of the senior designers of the company I’m currently working with, with a very little help from me on the development side (I’m not really into coding web-based stuff), and is hoping to get out there in the market.

The theme is also featured in DOWORTH’s promotional video.

Video credits: DOWORTH Corp
Meanwhile, I’m just pleased to have added yet another item in my collection of tributes to my World Prince. And, you bet! If ever I’d open my own hotel, World Prince would be its name, with Jang Geun Suk’s stunning photos dominating all over the interior decoration. ^_^

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JKS in Green Towel – The Chibi and Real Version!

Despite the negative feedbacks of so-called “JKS Haters” splattering their “not-so-good” reviews about The Prince’s new image as a wild, rocking singer, still, JKS Eels (now also Team H Fans) could not be stopped from expressing their ultimate patronage and support. I have found this cute chibi version of Sukkie shyly wrapped in a green Team H towel on Twitter.
Image credits: @KS_Jang

Later, I have also found out the “mastermind” for this cute idea of a chibi design when I checked out a video shared by チャングンソクJapan Fanclub. It was originally from YouTube, then lnked on Team H Official Ameba Blog, and then shared by the Japanese Eels through Twitter.

Video credits: PrinceJKS himself ^_^

Conversation on the video:


Translation :
JGS: We tried our best to have fun with everybody at the venue. I think we did it well with fans.
Camera: Good performance, indeed.
JGS: Thanks for today. I’m too tired that there is no power left to drink.
BB: Cheers for good work.
JGS: Wait a second. Lastly, let’s hug each other once in an ultra cool way. Cheers for good work!!
Translation Credits to geunshinaddict

There’s been a growing variety of nicknames now for the Team, courtesy of the eager Eels. I’ve seen one from a comments board of certain page lately who called them “TEAM Hot”, as she profusely defended the new album from crab-minded criticizers. At the end of this video, however, it said “TEAM Heart”, as Prince Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother hugged each other (both wrapped in their respective mint green Team H towels).

The album release is approaching so much faster now, as well as the scheduled concerts. Are you as excited as the rest of us? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for dropping by CRI ^_^

Jang Geun Suk on Vingle Community

As I was doing my usual “Prince JKS online surfing”, I came across this community, and I’m beginning to love it. I even replied to the maker of one card there after thanking me for liking his card. I said:

To find out more about Prince Sukkie on Vingle, just click this link:

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Team H Album to be released in the Philippines

This latest update from Astroplus will sure to delight all Philippine Eels ou there!
JANG KEUN SUK+Big Brother –>I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN<— latest album is to be released in —- where else? The Philippines! Make sure to get your copy, and get to enjoy pure entertainment music from our one and only charming World Prince and his music partner Big Brother!
Image credits: lovesears

Jan Keun Suk I Just Wanna Have Fun CD (IMPORTED)
Release Date: February 27, 2013
Price: PHP1,800

a. Special Deluxe Cardboard Slipcase (Double Cover)
b. Cardboard File Holder Package (4 Panels, Double Cover)
c. Giant Photo-booklet w/ Korean lyrics (24 pgs)
d. CD: 12 tracks

2. FEEL THE BEAT (Mandarin ver.)
9. THE TIME (Ori. Mix ver.)
10. CAN’T STOP (Remix ver.)
11. GOTTA GETCHA (Remix ver.)
12. FEEL THE BEAT (Korean ver.)
e. Paper Insert w/ Chinese Translations of Lyrics
f. Outer Panel w/ Chinese translations

Image credits: koreaboo

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk with his best friend and music partner Big Brother, now known as [TEAM H], is the most noticed KPOP Duo group in Asia. Their first album, The Lounge H Vol.1 was well embraced in all Asia. It has “created an exceptional result exceeding platinum record”, and was awarded the “Best Annual Selling-Album Award” together with “Best Korean Album Award” in the 2012 IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award!

Along with Prince Jang’s 20th Anniversary in the Entertainment industry this year, all of his eelas are celebrating with him for the great success of this young and talented star. His musical career is now well established, and is improving profusely. He’s not “just another pretty-faced actor”, as some commentors claim, but an “all-round Korean performing artist representing this era!”

Credits: brighteststarjanggeunsuk 

Prince Jang for Lotte Duty Free Endorsement

Lotte Duty Free has several celebrity endorsers. But needless to say, Prince Sukkie seems to be its all-time favorite! Here’s the latest pics courtesy of Lotte Duty Free. Grab ’em if they drive you crazy for more about the World Prince. Or better yet, go shop for the endorsed goodies!

JKS Facts: Prince Jang is the Real Estate King

Do you know that Jang Geun Suk ranks 1st among all Korean idols in terms of real estates? And that he’s “the youngest star to be included in the richest 1% of real estate wealth among celebrities”?
Screen grab from:

Jang Geun Suk, turning 26 on August, was labeled by experts the youngest and one of the wealthiest amongst the stars about 2 years ago, when he came into possession of a building estimated to be worth $14 million USD when he was only 24 years old. The building is located in Nonhyun-dong. It is the same building where his agency is located.

Sukkie acknowledges the goodness of the Higher Power in his life, and as a gesture of giving thanks, he donated $1.2 million USD to his school, the Hanyang University. He intended the donation not to be published in news, but netizens still found out when the school released their list of donators on their homepage.

For us eels, this is good news, because we can see that he’s investing most of his hard-earned money into something worthwhile that he will be able to enjoy in his older days when he retires.

Our World Prince is such a hardworking young man,  enduring every hardship thrown into him as he focuses on nothing else but higher ground and self-improvement. He deserves these blessings endowed to him.


Melody Made Together – Discovering Heavenly Songs with Prince Jang

Since I discovered Prince Jang Geun Suk, I’ve been discovering a lot of beautiful songs – of beautiful melodies made by real geniuses of the music industry. One by one, I discover them either by choice (because he sings those songs himself or because those songs belong to the official soundtrack of his movies and dramas), or by chance (because those songs and music were used by his eels in tastefully created fan-made videos as tribute to him).
Image credits: sumandu
Prince JKS’ songs are among the very few songs of which I can label as “pure, honest songs”. Their lines touch the hearts and souls of those who can hear them, and get hooked in the process, wanting to hear them over and over again. His unique taste for music is very eminent in his movies and dramas, “You’re Beautiful” (미남이시네요) being on top of the list. The drama’s soundtrack has captured millions of hearts worldwide, and even until now, years after the drama has closed, the songs remain at the favorites lists of the eels Jang Geun Suk has won, and the lists just kept on getting longer and longer as The Prince continued to make more melodies.

Image credits: crunchyroll

Being a self-proclaimed most loyal Eel, I have a great collection myself, the complete official sound tracks of 미남이시네요 included in the list, and his song “Rain” being on top lately (this is the only song I listen to throughout my entire 8-hour at work, 5 days a week). There is something in the song that calms my mind and wraps me up in a comforting shell even when I’m in the midst of pressure.

But there is this one song that I kept on hearing from his fan-made videos, though only some parts of the song. The tune alone would make me smile although I couldn’t understand the lyrics (I’m listening to it right now, despite the broken headset this internet cafe has to offer). It was not until now that I had the chance to look for the complete version of the song, and has confirmed that my response to the song’s tune was actually right. “Melody Made Together” was written in heartfelt, honest lines – a beautiful poetry of pure love.
Video credits: madhawi18

Here’s a complete english lyrics of the song:
Video credits: ashleysheaffer

Do you like this song, too? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Grab Your Tickets Now for Team H Shanghai Concert!

Image credits:

Hello, everybody, this is HS MEDIA。
The 2013 Jang Keun Suk Team H Party “I just wanna have fun” Shanghai concert is officially determined. This is a new design of the visual and auditory SHOW, together with Party Support Team H!

Time: 2013 3 16 2011 19:30
Event Location: Mercedes Benz Cultural Center
Ticket agent: barley Network
The ticket Hotline: 400-610-3721
Fare: 1580 (VIP) 1080 880 680
Inquiry Site:

HS Media s now arranging for tickets paid in advance.
Pre Time: 10:00 on the morning of February 8 to February 20 18:00 pm (deadline).
Pre-order information:
Hong Kong fans can participate in the Hong Kong forum Pre-stall fare tickets.
Mainland China fans can participate in the Mainland forum Pre-stall fare tickets.
In addition to the above pre-order channels, other fans who would like to buy tickets can also fill out the pre-order form officialmail and send it to the HS Media: to conduct pre-order. Each person may purchase four Pre successfully, force majeure, not refundable and you can not specify an exact location/seat. We will be the one to pay the way unified SF Express sent from Shanghai.

Pre-order form:
The Yu Gouren number on a name and valid documents
The Pre fares and the number the courier address and contact telephone
The remitter name, transfer time
The amount of remittances
Scanned copy of the remittance voucher

Remittances account information:
RMB the Pre remittances account: China Construction Bank
Account: 6,227,001,217,940,142,773
User name: Zhou Xin new
Bank: China Construction Bank, Shanghai Luwan Branch
The overseas remittance Refer to the following account information:
Name of Bank: Construction Bank Corporapation, ShangHai Branch.
Bank Name: China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch
Bank Address: NO.900, Lujiazui Ring Road, 200120, PUDONG, SHANGHAI, PRCHINA.
Bank Address: China Shanghai Lujiazui Ring Road, No. 900, 200120.
Telephone (Tel): (8621) 58880000 * 8909
Beneficiary Name: ZHOU XINXIN (Zhou Xin new)
Account No.: 6227 0012 1794 0142 773

Make haste, Eels! Don’t miss this party event with the World Prince. 

An English translation of the original post from hsmedia.

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