I’ve Met Prince JKS!

Yes, I did!

Well, that was when I won a round of the game that I made myself (chuckles).

I have developed this little mini game as a partial requirement for my Object Oriented Programming subject. The game was like a maze, with a little touch of puzzle. The instruction says:
Flame wants to meet the Prince of Asia. Will you be able to show her the way?

The ending of the game was me finally meeting him. It was not much of a game as it was developed over pressured time, but I was able to complete it by just thinking of him. He really seems to provide me with much inspiration, which I do need these days.

맞아! I am proud to say that my very first Java program was a tribute to him (smiles).

In the mean time, I’ll just go on waiting for the day when I can trully meet him.